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Videos of top players.

Guile Vs. Guile
Guile Guile

Matchup Difficulty For Guile: 5/10

Top Ranked Guile Players
     [Japan] Effy
     [Japan] Tekerestu
     [Japan] Mori No Chika Guy
     [Japan] Yoshio
     [United States] Christian "Fuson909" Garrido

1 - Dagger_G (Guile) vs. Fuson (Guile)

Round 1: Guile (Fuson)
Round 2: Guile (Fuson)

2 - Justin Wong (Guile) vs. ??? (Guile)

Round 1: Guile (Justin Wong)
Round 2: Guile (Player 2)
Round 3: Guile (Justin Wong)