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Dhalsim Vs. Fei Long
Dhalsim Fei Long

Matchup Difficulty For Dhalsim: 3/10 Matchup Difficulty For Fei Long: 7/10

Top Ranked Dhalsim Players Top Ranked Fei Long Players
     [Japan] Iyo 伊予      [United States] Justin Wong
     [Japan] Mochi

1 - ??? (Dhalsim) vs. ??? (Fei Long)

Round 1: Dhalsim
Round 2: Dhalsim
Date Posted: 6-20-09

2 - ??? (Dhalsim) vs. ??? (Fei Long)

Round 1: Fei Long
Round 2: Dhalsim
Round 3: Fei Long
Date Posted: 6-13-09